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Hi, I’m Hilary Hendershott, and there’s a reason why you’re here.

Financial advisors often say, “My goal is to help you sleep better at night,” but there’s a problem with that goal. Our average client has at least $1.5M of assets in our care, so sleepless nights are usually by choice and not from money stress.

What are you looking for? It’s a simple question, innocent enough. And yet, if you’re like so many of our clients, you have what you need, but what do you truly want?

As an entrepreneur, business owner, and financial advisor for the past 20 years, I intimately understand the financial challenges you may be facing. Ironically, my own story includes some embarrassing money mistakes, but also, financial success after rewiring how my brain saw money.

That realization created a new way of talking about and imaging money. I saw a way to serve women who felt left out of wealth conversations – and my life will never be the same.

Hilary Hendershott financial advisor

Now, my team and I get to work with high-net worth women and couples who want to see greater abundance and good in the world around us. We also offer a truly unique coaching program for business owners who want to better understand their numbers and retain more profits. We stand for people experiencing well-being, choice, dignity, adventure, power, influence, joy, and freedom.

Can we do all of that while growing your portfolio’s worth? We’re already doing that for more than 100 clients just like you.

I’m glad you’re here, and chances are, now you know why you’re here. Let’s imagine the future together.

– Hilary

Yes, We Are Unapologetically Proud of Our Vision for the Future

We are a team of talented and female-oriented financial professionals who are knowledgeable, compassionate, ambitious and wise. We are fiercely invested in serving our clients and loving our lives and work. In an industry long reserved for the ‘good ol’ boys clubs’ of financial professionals, we are not just the future. We are the leaders of today.

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