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More is possible with your wealth than you thought

You share the belief that there is more your income and wealth can allow for in your life. You aren’t just looking for a financial advisor to manage the dollars, you’re looking for a financial relationship that also opens the door to the life that is possible with your money. Where nothing feels impossible and your path to greatness is clearer than it’s ever been before. You don’t want to just get by. You want more. We completely support you and our fiduciary financial advisors understand exactly how to empower your financial journey.

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How you can achieve more in your financial life

  1. Define what you really want your money to do in your lifetime.
  2. Discover your financial opportunities.
  3. Design your path to success.
  4. Avoid the mistakes and missteps that can cause you financial harm.
  5. Be supported and championed every step of the way.


Learn the secrets to building massive wealth and start manifesting meaningful financial results in your life today.
Hilary Hendershott financial advisor

Hi, I’m Hilary Hendershott.

As an entrepreneur, business owner, and financial advisor with over twenty years of experience, I intimately understand the financial intricacies and opportunities you face. I navigate them myself in my personal life, and it has been my greatest privilege to guide clients through various market downturns, life transitions, and sophisticated tax planning situations alike to get them to where they need to be to thrive.

With high incomes, powerful positions, and incredible vision comes a ton of responsibility with your wealth. If I can be the conduit that allows people to make the right decisions for their financial life and apply wisdom-based strategies to facilitate their growth and success, then I know I’m fulfilling my purpose.

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Our vision is bigger than ourselves

As a wealth management company, our shared vision is to contribute to a world where all people are thriving – where no one is left behind in the pursuit to earn and build wealth and where everyone has more than enough. And while we actively use our talents and expertise to enhance economic opportunities for women, what has always been true about our business is that all people are welcome here, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, or physical ability.

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