EP 22 | Profit Boss® Radio | Why Making Your Money a Priority Will Help Change the World with Ali Brown

On this episode of Profit Boss® Radio, I have a lot of fun with Ali Brown as she breaks down why women should become laser focused on the numbers. She shares her systems for focusing on profit in order to make strategic decisions that maximize growth. She’s working less now and making more profit. Do you have a mindset problem? Are you unwilling to take a salary? Ali offers sage advice to address common money problems that women in business face.

Ali Brown is a highly sought-after business coach, speaker, and thought-leader in the world of entrepreneurship. She’s been dubbed the “Entrepreneur Guru” by Business News Daily. She was named one of Forbes Women to Watch and featured on ABC’s hit show, Secret Millionaire. Her radio show, Glambition reaches a quarter of a million listeners on iTunes.

Ali is a pioneer in the online business world. She left her full-time career with an eye on the bottom line. She coaches women to focus on profit and leave the pursuit of fame to others if that doesn’t directly impact your purpose and ability to make money.

We delve into her approach to business that took her from having less than $20 in her bank account to creating a successful 7-figure income enterprise. She lets us in how the pressure she experiences being the sole income source for her family and how she and her husband relate in non-traditional family roles. Tune in for an exciting exchange with a coach who understands the challenges that women entrepreneurs face so you can stop chasing fame while missing out the money.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Ali shares what led to her 7-figure income spike and how she made sure to keep the numbers high.
  • Mindset secrets to being the full-time breadwinner in her family.
  • How women contribute to the wage gap and how they can get control of their salaries.
  • What not being able to afford a $20 withdrawal finally motivated Ali to do that led to her highest level of profits ever.
  • Why everything you put out there shouldn’t be speaking to the past but should represent the future you.
  • And much more!

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