EP 42 | Profit Boss® Radio | 3 Things Your Financial Advisor Won’t Tell you with Wade Pfau, Professor of Retirement Income

Profit Boss®, I really can’t overstate the importance of getting your financial advice from sound, unbiased sources. That’s why I work to translate financial research into actionable advice for all of you. But this week, I’m stepping it up a notch by bringing you an interview with a bonafide expert — Dr. Wade Pfau!

Wade is a PhD, CFA, and expert in retirement planning. While he grew up in a lower middle-class household, he started investing in his first mutual fund at the tender age of ten. Ever since, he’s been interested in saving, income, and planning, and that passion is what motivates him today.

In this episode, Wade shares essential information that you’ll need to get serious about planning for your retirement. It’s not as simple as saving a million dollars and spending it wisely once you’ve retired — so Wade goes over the specific numbers and strategies you need to plan accordingly. We also talk about the value of a good financial advisor, as well as some sneaky income suckers to be wary of.

Plus, stay tuned for the end of the episode so I can tell you all about my latest brain-boosting obsession — I think you all will love it!

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What Wade learned from his first major financial mistake when he invested $3,000 in the late nineties.
  • Why you can’t just focus on how much money is in your retirement savings — and what other numbers you should be paying attention to as well.
  • Whether or not Wade believes that financial advisors are worth their fees.
  • Why investors think stock market volatility is the enemy of your investments’ security, and what Wade knows the real enemy is.
  • How to factor the increasingly high costs of health care into your retirement budget.

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