EP 33 | Profit Boss® Radio | Women’s Financial Freedom Month & The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Financial Advisor

Welcome to Financial Freedom Month! Throughout September, I’m going to feature content geared toward all things feminine, financial, and empowering to help you realize your unique vision of abundance and security.

To kick things off, we’ve got a solo episode packed with advice to right your financial ship — or to keep you on the stellar journey you’ve started. First, I go through the Eight Principles of Financial Freedom that will help you get clear on your path and stick to it. This process is all about self-reflection on your current reality and how it relates to your goals.

Then I delve into all the big and small things you should keep in mind when finding a financial advisor, from the letters after their name, to the comfort level of your relationship, to your preference for working with a woman or a man. All of these considerations are important since working with a great financial advisor can be an incomparable investment in the quality of every aspect of your life.

Finally, I offer you the chance to have a fifteen-minute call with me. Are you hiring a financial advisor and looking for advice? Do you think we could build a strong financial relationship together? Don’t hesitate to reach out — I’m here to help you build your best life, and this call is a great first step.

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The 8 Principles of Financial Freedom you should be following to realize your most fulfilling financial life.
  • What the letters after a financial advisor’s name mean — how do you make sense of that alphabet soup?
  • Why it’s okay to save time and mitigate risk by working with a financial advisor to build a lucrative, low-risk investment portfolio.
  • What questions to ask (and what the answers should be) to find the right financial advisor for your needs.
  • How to know what you’re really getting with a financial advisor, and whether that person has the right credentials and experience to serve you well.

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