EP 36 | Profit Boss® Radio | The Benefits of Having Your Own Chief Investment Officer with Payel Farasat

September is drawing to a close, and so is Women’s Financial Freedom Month! For the final podcast in this series, I invited the all-around brilliant Payel Farasat to talk about all things financial, from advising to investing to community.

Payel is my firm’s Chief Investment Officer. Loring Ward, her company and my longtime partner, gives myself and my clients access to some of the best financial minds in the business.

Payel offers her perspective on both the technical and emotional sides of finance. She talks about how she learned she could help people as a financial advisor, and all the key emotional skills she had to master to help clients achieve financial stability and abundance. She also discusses trends among women investors, and how to build a community of women that can help you get comfortable with investing and finding the right advisor for you.

Finally, I am offering you the chance to have a fifteen-minute call with me. Are you hiring a financial advisor and looking for advice? Do you think we could build a strong financial relationship together? Don’t hesitate to reach out — I’m here to help you build your best life, and this call is a great first step.

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Payel’s journey from financial advisor to Chief Investment Officer of Loring Ward, responsible for $14 billion of assets under management.
  • What a Chief Investment Officer does, why you should have one, and how you can get one.
  • How CIOs like Payel help financial advisors (like me) perform even better for clients (like you).
  • Payel’s philosophy on why women don’t trust Wall Street.
  • How financial advisors can help you achieve your goals in unexpected ways.
  • What might be holding you back from trusting your financial advisor, and how to find the right one for you.

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