The 4 Financial Habits of Successful Women

One of the best parts of hosting my Profit Boss Radio podcast is interviewing incredible women who generously share their financial journeys. I learn so much from their personal stories and advice, and you can, too.

In the past few months, I found three women particularly inspiring. Kimra is an Internet marketing sensation who took her company’s revenue from zero to nearly $1 million — in her first year in business!

I also loved interviewing Allison Maslan, CEO of AMI and a global business mentor. She’s a best-selling author and was named “One of the Top Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire” by Self-Made magazine.

Then there’s Cheryl Hunter, CEO of The Hunter Group, a five-time TEDx speaker, an abduction and abuse survivor, and a resiliency expert.

Let’s look at four financial habits that these women have credited with transforming their lives — they just might work for you, too!

  1. They Never Give Up on Themselves
    Kimra was on welfare not once, but twice.

In between, she earned tens of thousands of dollars and then gave it up. She found herself working in a yogurt shop to support her family before she rose to success.

Allison Maslan nearly gave away the first company she built. She sold it for pennies on the dollar compared to its worth because she was overwhelmed in the fallout from a bad divorce.

Then, she became a workaholic — once, in her rush to pick up her daughter from day care, she got distracted and actually ran over herself with her car!

Cheryl suffered from feelings of worthlessness after being abducted and attacked. But she sought out ways to heal, and relied on friends to get her through.

Later, she realized she was giving away too much of her time by leading seminars for other people’s organizations. Instead, she created her own business!

The path to financial success is paved with mistakes. These women illustrate that you should accept these moments as beautiful lessons from which you can grow.

  1. They Make No Excuses
    Many women give up on financial success because they think they’re not good with numbers. That doesn’t stop these women!

Kimra admits that her husband still handles the money in their household and he gives her a spending allowance each week.

Allison is open about the fact that numbers just aren’t her forte.

The commonality here? These women have found ways to manage — they use coaches, they read books, and they trust their partners. Ultimately, they trust themselves to make those decisions.

  1. They Envision and Live Their Successes 
    Allison designed her global business mentorship program on a bar napkin while having cocktails with a friend. She spent years building to her current level of success — each quarter more than a hundred entrepreneurs travel from across the globe to mastermind with her.

Cheryl took a similar path. She shares, for example, how envisioning herself in her dream beach house is part of her financial goal-setting process.

The bottom line here: Envisioning the life experiences you want is a key to achieving them!

  1. They Surround Themselves with a Team of Experts
    All three women credit their success to the people they’ve worked with along the way.

That’s not to say they’re dependent on any one person.

Successful people surround themselves with people who want them to be even more successful. They have masterminds, coaches, and mentors. Allison noted that she attends money mindset seminars with her husband.

All three women also have financial advisors and tax planners on their teams. These professionals help them maintain a strong mindset, navigate business deals, and ensure that their investments are on the right track.

At the core, these four habits prove that even the most successful women are real.

They make mistakes. They persevere. They make big requests of the world. They learn all that they can, and above all, they learn how to stay on their personal paths.

The willingness of successful women to share their journeys allows us to find inspiration and guidance.

These are just three of the women I’ve talked with, but they show that being open with others sets you free from the prison cell of self-doubt.

Sharing empowers you and other women to take control and move forward in life and career.

Profit Boss Radio is a weekly podcast for women who want to create success in their financial lives!

I interview financial coaches, financial experts, women who’ve always been successful, as well as women who nearly failed. More than anything, we have a supportive, ongoing conversation about the real numbers, strategies, and advice that successful women have used to secure their futures.

This article was originally published on Hilary’s DailyWorth Connect Platform for Experts. March 09, 2016