EP 40 | Profit Boss® Radio | Women on Wall Street with ‘Equity’ Movie Script Writer, Amy Fox

We’ve got something a little different this week on Profit Boss® Radio! Amy Fox is the writer behind Equitya movie about how women working on Wall Street experience life and challenges in the industry.

While Amy started out writing for theater productions, she crossed over to Hollywood with her first film Heights in 2005. Over the years, she’s worked with Alysia Reiner & Sarah Megan Thomas, the dedicated producers and stars of Equity.

Amy talks about where the idea for a film all about women in the financial industry came from, what the team wanted to bring to the big screen, and how they researched the storyline. Amy also shares the feedback she’s gotten from men and women about the sexism portrayed in the film, as well as the challenges she and other women in Hollywood face when producing their work.

The movie is a well-researched and fascinating look into Wall Street from a different perspective than we’ve ever seen before — and you can likely still catch it in theaters!


Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Amy’s journey from writing for the theater to penning screenplays for the big screen.
  • Why it’s uncommon to hear women say “I love money” in the same way as men.
  • How Equity reflects the real-life experiences of sexism many women face.
  • Why Amy and her team chose to work with individual investors to raise funds for the film.
  • How women can make their way in the film industry, even if they are a Hollywood outsider.

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