EP 44 | Profit Boss® Radio | How to Recover from $28k of Debt & Two Bad Marriages with Everyday Heroine with Cassie Crossley

One of the best things about our mastermind group is being reminded that whatever you’re going through financially, there’s likely a fellow Profit Boss® who’s gone through a similar struggle. Seeing someone who’s successfully beaten what you’re dealing with is why I love to bring you stories from people who aren’t financial gurus — hence this week’s Everyday Heroines episode!

Today, I’m speaking with Cassie Crossley, podcaster and IT professional, about her own journey to financial security. Cassie’s story is one of learning tough lessons, crafting a vision for the future, and maintaining the discipline to see it through. She’s had plenty of obstacles — two short marriages with financial troubles and lots of personal debt included — but she hasn’t let that stop her from achieving the monetary goals she set for herself.

Cassie and I talk about how she learned to budget the hard way, when her money troubles started, and how she has changed the way she approaches money management with her partners over the years. If you need some encouragement to create and stick to a plan for getting out of debt, don’t miss this frank and heartening discussion with Cassie!

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Cassie deviated from her parents’ money habits, yet still struggled to budget as a young woman.
  • The detrimental mindset that allowed Cassie to accumulate $28,000 in credit card debt by age 21.
  • How Cassie’s salary often being greater than that of her partners has affected their relationships.
  • The strict, penny-pinching approach to managing money Cassie adopted in her twenties, and how her mindset has changed over time.
  • Cassie’s vision for a comfortable and secure retirement and the steps she takes to save for it.

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