EP 46 | Profit Boss® Radio | #AskHilary: Micro-Financing, Savings Accounts and Business Growth

I’m back with another installment of Ask Hilary, where I answer questions largely from the Profit Boss® Facebook group (which you should totally join if you haven’t already!).

Before answering your questions, I want to make sure you start 2017 on the right foot by talking about taxes. I share some of my top tax tips — including last-minute charitable contributions and tax loss harvesting — that you can implement to make the most of your taxes for this year. I also give you a rundown of an excellent recent article from the Wall Street Journal that backs up what I’ve been telling you for a while now: index funds are the way to go!

Then I dive into four listener questions. We talk about micro-financing other people and what kind of savings account you should open when you’re looking to start a business of your own. I give some advice to an aspiring investor and author, and wrap up with a discussion about how to identify ways in which your business can grow so you can give yourself a promotion. I also have a free gift for you to make the busy holiday season a little more organized, so don’t miss out!

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How I stay sane through the holiday shopping season, and how you can too!
  • How to prep your 2016 taxes to make the most out of your returns.
  • The latest data on active vs. passive investing, and how this aligns with my teachings here on PBR.
  • My take on peer-to-peer lending and its potential pros and pitfalls.
  • How to read the signs of your market when you’re a small business owner to know what your next step forward should be.

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