EP 53 | Profit Boss® Radio | #AskHilary: How to Start Out Financially & How to Buy Real Estate

On this new round of Ask Hilary, I’m answering some of my most-asked listener questions: how do we start off on a good foot financially? And how should we buy real estate and keep our finances in good shape? In this episode, I’m talking you through both of those processes – and giving you a ton of resources to help you along the way!

I start with my step-by-step recommendations to build a strong financial foundation. Whether you’re a listener in your twenties with your first job, your thirties with some debt to eliminate, or approaching retirement, these simple guidelines can help you build the money muscles you’ll need to save and invest intelligently for the future.

I also answer some big questions about real estate, including how to know when you’re ready to buy a house. I offer some things to keep in mind during your house search, why a house does not count as a retirement asset, and why you shouldn’t fall in love with a house.

This is just a small taste of everything covered today; scroll down for a PDF version of this episode that’s packed with tools, links, and information to help you pave the path to financial freedom!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • A clear-cut guide to starting out financially, including specific milestones and guidelines for saving, investing, and making big purchases.
  • How to know approximately how much you’ll need to save to fund a secure, comfortable retirement.
  • Why it’s important to break the journey to financial freedom into stages and make it more manageable.
  • How to know when you’re ready to buy a house, and the first steps you should take to make the purchase as smooth as possible. 
  • A free companion guide to the episode, including all of Hilary’s notes, links to supporting resources, and a complete training for the financial automation system Hilary recommends.
  • Why financial automation can help you learn how to pay yourself first, finally stop overspending, and fully fund tomorrow’s dreams. 

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