EP 54 | Profit Boss® Radio | Big Money Lessons for Women From Shark Tank Entrepreneurs with Sharon Poczter

Most of you have probably at least heard of the show Shark Tank, if not seen it. Our guest today, economics professor Sharon Poczter, is a renowned economist, researcher of financial exclusion, and self-professed Shark Tank junkie.

Sharon has recently published findings that compare the pitches of investors with their success securing funds from the sharks. Since she’s always been interested in how a lack of funds can exclude certain groups from wealth and leadership, she and her team decided to analyze how women entrepreneurs on the show compared with their male counterparts.

In this episode, Sharon and I discuss her findings and the lessons that all women can take from her research. Sharon also shares how she’s encouraged the women in her classes to feel more confident speaking up, and her research on financial exclusion in developing countries. She also recalls the advice she uses to stay financially steady and the importance of negotiating for what you’re worth.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What led Sharon down the path of academia, and what it’s like to be an Ivy League professor.
  • Why economics has always fascinated Sharon, especially in the context of developing countries. 
  • How Sharon and her team broke down Shark Tank’s investor pitches to understand entrepreneurs’ rates of success.
  • The surprising findings of Sharon’s research into Shark Tank investor pitches, especially related to women-led pitches. 
  • Why women tend to undervalue their professional offerings, and why you should learn to confidently negotiate.
  • Sharon’s tips for putting these tips into action, whether negotiating your salary or the price of a house. 

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