EP 57 | Profit Boss® Radio | Getting to the Corner Office with Joann Lublin

Joann Lublin is the Management News Editor for the Wall Street Journal. She’s written about workplace and management issues for most of her career. Joann created the first career advice column for the Wall Street Journal and received a Pulitzer Prize in 1993.  Beginning her career in San Fransisco in the 70s, she’s a long-time trailblazer who’s been breaking down barriers that have existed for women in journalism for decades.

Joann is the new author of Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons from Trailblazing Women at the Top of the Business World. In this book, she interviews women who have achieved great success in the professional world. Two-thirds of the women interviewed for this book are senior executives. All of the women have fascinating stories to share about climbing the corporate ladder and helpful advice for the next generation following in their footsteps.

This conversation will provide a lot of insight into what it takes for women to be successful in a male-dominated arena. Top management roles are still primarily held by men, but women are making great strides in leveling the playing field. We can learn so much from the success of these driven women and my conversation with Joann will shine a light on key actions that those interested in reaching the corner office should keep in mind.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The evolution of Joann’s book title and how the final version was ultimately accepted. 
  • How to earn power, acceptance and find career advancement.
  • How women can handle pay disputes as chief executives with a company’s board.
  • Why women should be willing to leave in order to boost their leverage in salary negotiation talks.
  • Cathy Black’s story of addressing a pay disparity in a promotion to executive level positions.
  • The distinction between mentors and sponsors in the professional environment and why a sponsor is vital to women interested in advancing to executive levels.

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