EP 66 | Profit Boss® Radio | Are You Blocking Your Wealth? Find out with Denise Duffield Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a money mindset mentor for the new generation of female entrepreneurs. Denise is committed to changing the way women think about wealth and money. Instead of losing belief or being intimidated, she inspires women to build their own definition of wealth.

One thing you’ll have to come to grips with is that everyone has money blocks. We tell ourselves stories about why we shouldn’t worry about money or pass the responsibility off to someone else. Maybe subpar math skills or preconceived ideas about gender roles are holding you back. Regardless, the time to break through your personal blocks is RIGHT NOW!

Denise obliterates money blocks, such as, “I can’t have love AND money,” or “I can’t have a baby AND money.” Often, stories and memories from our past serve as anchors and are the root of most problems. She is well-equipped to help others with this because she has built a valuable business and overcome these blocks herself. Listen and learn!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The relationship between money and self-worth.
  • What money blocks are.
  • Myths that persist (especially for women!) about making money.
  • Where entrepreneurs tend to sabotage themselves.
  • What it means to normalize wealth for women.
  • Why your past experiences with money might be holding you back.

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