EP 69 | Profit Boss® Radio | A Financial Checklist for Traveling Internationally

Hey Profit Boss®! I’m on vacation in Barcelona this week after all the moving craziness of the past month, and was inspired to come up with a financial checklist for international travel. Even Profit Boss®es have to take some R&R sometimes – but you never have to take a break from being financially savvy.

Check out my checklist below, and sound off in the Profit Boss® Facebook group with your own travel tips!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  1. Don’t post on social media about your vacation!
  2. Get a checking account and a credit card that don’t charge exchange fees. Right now I recommend Charles Schwab’s checking account and Capital One’s credit cards, but these things can change. Nerdwallet usually has current information on these kinds of resources so definitely check them out.
  3. Travel with snacks. I like these and these.
  4. Consider taking public transportation instead of taxis! Many places don’t have Uber yet unfortunately, so do your research.
  5. Make sure you get the right bag for when you’re out and about during the day! Lots of big cities (not just international ones!) have thieves and pickpockets. I recommend a cross-body bag with a thick strap so it’s sturdy and can’t be ripped off of you. I have this one.
  6. Take pictures of your passport and credit cards and upload them to your Evernote account, so you can access them on the cloud and on your local device.
  7. Get a hotel or Airbnb that has a kitchen with a refrigerator and a microwave so you can prep most of your meals on your own.
  8. Consider staying at a hostel! These can be great ways to get to know international travelers and make friends while saving money!
  9. Buy fewer souvenirs! They mostly just get thrown away anyway. Consider buying one special thing that will remind you of your trip instead, and giving the kids in your life small amounts of local currency.
  10. Do your homework on the exchange rate to the local currency – know the ratios to expect so you don’t get ripped off!
  11. Learn key phrases in the local tongue: “How much is that?” “What’s the price?” and others.
  12. Don’t pay resort fees! Airbnb is everywhere, and you can save money and get to know the locals.

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