EP 140 | 7 Steps to Wealth Win Stories

EP 140 | Profit Boss® Radio

Welcome to episode 140 of Profit Boss® Radio! In this week’s episode, we are talking about the power of the 7 Steps to Wealth framework. We also share powerful client win stories and learn through other women’s stories about how they achieved financial success.

The stories we share in today’s episode are women who have walked this journey and manifested meaningful changes to their financial life. You’re invited to walk through the 7 steps yourself or create a mastermind with other women.

How long has money been a thorn in your side? How long have you been putting up with the fact that money is an area of your life that doesn’t work the way you’d like it to? Right now, today can be your time to take the action that makes the difference!

Vision is a powerful compass–so what is your vision? What would your life be like if you could finally stop worrying about money? What would you experience instead? I bet it would be confidence, peace of mind, clarity, abundance, and even more inspiring things.

Tune in to today’s episode too hear what like-minded women have overcome and accomplished so you can start applying these tips and tactics to your finances.

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Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio

  • What would your life could look like if your was free from financial constraints.
  • Why smart and hardworking people fail to produce the financial results they want.
  • How you can impact your mindset and behaviors at the same time.
  • Learn the first step of building wealth Decide and how $50K participant Sarah made the decision to be wealthy and achieved a wealth multiplier of $163,187.
  • Learn the second step of building wealth Plan and how Layla implemented a plan for her finances and achieved a wealth multiplier of $232,183.
  • Learn the third step of building wealth Speak and how Danika overcome the obstacles that prevented her from reaching financial success and started to speak her new future. Danika achieved a wealth multiplier of $567,751.
  • Learn the fourth step of building wealth Ask and what paralyzed Fionna from investing her money. Find out how she learned that she is the captain of her ship and that she needed to make powerful requests. Fionna achieved a wealth multiplier of $77,524.
  • Learn the fifth step of building wealth and how Sophia and Nina helped themselves to reach their financial goals. Sophia achieved a wealth multiplier of $77,180. Nina achieved a wealth multiplier of $174,192.
  • Learn the sixth step of building wealth Invest and how to make sure that your money is working for you.
  • Learn the seventh step of building wealth Protect and how to protect it once you build it.

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Call for Listener Stories

Hey Profit Boss® Radio listeners! If you reach a financial goal you’re proud of, tell me about it! I will continue to share listener win stories throughout 2019. Remember, the Profit Boss® community is here to support you and that includes celebrating with you when you accomplish something incredible.

  • If you crush a specific financial goal, I want to hear from you.
  • If you’re thankful for something that has happened in your financial life or career, I want to hear from you.
  • If you are making big financial or career plans, I want to hear from you!

Your financial success is possible and so many of you are already making that a reality! So, don’t keep your wins to yourself! Share them with me so that I can air them throughout the year on Profit Boss® Radio.

Email your audio clip to [email protected]. And we’ll be in touch if we plan to air your story. Thanks, ladies!


And let’s not forget that this show is powered by you and your stories and questions. Every month I’ll be doing an #AskHilary episode where I answer listener financial questions.

  • So, what’s that top of mind money question that’s been pinging around in your brain?
  • Where have you been stopped?
  • What have you been arguing with your spouse or significant other about?
  • What tip or tool aren’t you sure about?
  • Do you have questions about saving? Spending? Budgeting? Investing?

Pick up your mobile phone right now. Yes, right now. And open your voice recorder app. Yep, go ahead and open that app and record yourself asking me that question. Just say your name, first name only is okay, and then what city you’re from, and then ask away.

Anything you want to ask. And once you’re done recording, export that beautiful little recording and email it to [email protected]. I can’t wait to hear your questions!

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