EP 74 | Profit Boss® Radio | Mortgages for Entrepreneurs and a Special Announcement

Well Profit Boss®, this episode is half Ask Hilary and half big-time announcement. It’s been an amazing first 74 episodes, and I can’t wait to share my big news with you!

To start off, I answer a question from the Profit Boss® Facebook group about some unique considerations entrepreneurs might have when buying a mortgage. One of the big takeaways is the difference between personal and business income, and why you might be affecting your chances for a loan if you keep most of your money in your business.

After that, I’ve got an announcement for you about the future of Profit Boss® Radio and our financial freedom movement as a whole. As this venture grows, I’ve decided I need a short hiatus to refresh the show and come back better than ever. I’ll be back ASAP – and I know you’ll be here with me!

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How being a business owner can affect your ability to get a mortgage.
  • Why you should reconsider the common habit of reporting less personal income and leaving more money in your business.
  • Don’t let the tax tail wag the whole dog: why you shouldn’t let taxes dictate the rest of your financial strategy.
  • My big news about how Profit Boss® Radio is going to be changing!
  • Some of my favorite podcasts to tide you over until I return with brand new content. 

Featured On The Show:

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