EP 80 | How One Woman Moved into a Trailer to Pay Off Debt

Episode 80 | Profit Boss® Radio

Today’s episode of Profit Boss® is a little unique. It’s all about you today, and what this show has meant to your personal finances and quality of life. I wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate this strong community of women who have taken control of their finances in order to reach their goals. First up is a round of Ask Hilary with the added bonus of a special guest! I had the chance to record live in the studio with my friend, Rachel, of “Rachel’s Deals and Steals.” Together, we will tackle some of your excellent questions about saving, taxes, and money in relationships.

Since this is a show about our listeners, I reached out to two incredible women to ask how Profit Boss® Radio has influenced the way they think about money. First up is Gardenia, who shares how she overcame overspending and started saving. What is encouraging about Gardenia’s story is that even though her finances took several hard knocks, she was able to arm herself with knowledge from Profit Boss® to kick her perseverance into overdrive. Her sacrifices have enabled her to not only give herself financial freedom but share that freedom with her family as well.

Next, we will hear from Alexis, a true role model of vulnerability. After discovering that her reckless spending and student debt was impacting her marriage, Alexis discovered the strength to make some personal sacrifices for the sake of her marriage. What I love about Alexis’ story is that it isn’t over. She will be the first to tell you she is still in the “middle of the mess,” but how encouraging is it to hear that our Profit Boss® community is helping her through some tough money choices! She shows us all that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I know you will be inspired by Gardenia and Alexis today, just as I was. We all have these moments of truth that transform how we begin to think about wealth, and I’m grateful that the Profit Boss® community has been willing to share those moments with me.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How you can begin to reconcile different money operating systems in a relationship.
  • I tackle some of your tough tax and savings questions.
  • Discover what it takes to attack overspending and get a better picture of your savings.
  • See how you and your partner can join together to finance all of life’s plans and unexpected twists and turns.

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