EP 81 | Starving Artist No More: Charging for Your Art, Freelancing and Freedom

Episode 81 | Profit Boss® Radio

What does it take to live a life that is Creative, Balanced, and Financially Free? That’s the dream for so many Profit Boss listeners, but there’s a bit of a mental block. We have this idea that being an artist means not having a lot of money, or working a job that is less creative but would support your creative passions. Luckily for you, the American job market is rapidly changing. Today, I want to dispel the myth of the “starving artist,” and put the power in your hands to turn your creative energy into a product or service that brings you income.

Now more than ever before, more people are working from home and supporting their families as a freelancer or telecommuter. Jobs like these are available in just about every industry and offer the freedom and the flexibility to support any lifestyle. Many artists have found financial freedom with Online Jobs. I feel it is safe to say they will be a part of American industry for the foreseeable future! In this episode, I will give not only an example of a site where you can find these cutting-edge jobs but also an exclusive Profit Boss discount for membership!

My guest today struggled to find that balance in her life between creative dreams and financial freedom. Her name is Jenni Heffernan Brown, a writer, Brand Strategist, and the CFO of Prim’d Marketing. Jenni never thought she was “good at numbers.” A self-proclaimed spender, money and income was always a source of guilt and shame. With the support of her relationship with her husband, she was able to pursue her Masters in Fine Arts, start her own company, and learn which art was for her to sell, and which was to keep. I am so excited to bring to you the story of how Jenni overcame her money insecurities and reached her dreams. It is certainly a story worth telling.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • I’ll show you how freelancing, telecommuting, and online jobs are the future of industry for the American Workforce.
  • Why women and artists struggle to have confidence in their ability to run the numbers.
  • How Jenni discovered a way to make peace with her finances to make money while fulfilling her creative dreams.
  • When to take the plunge and start to charge for your work and begin your business.

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