EP 2 | Allison Maslan on Serial Entrepreneurship, Financial Intimacy and the Art of Passion-Based Selling

EP 2 | Profit Boss® Radio

Today, I am honored to be talking to Allison Maslan, CEO of Allison Maslan International, a global business mentoring company. Allison has been named one of the Top Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire by Self Made Magazine and she’s is the best-selling author of Blastoff.

Allison has built 10 successful companies and her client list includes names like Ben & Jerry’s, Supercuts, Meryl Lynch, and Charlotte Russe. However, her passion lies in mentoring small business owners to grow a high-revenue business and a passionate life. She’s been featured in Success Magazine and on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX.

This interview is special for me, because Allison was my business mentor for two years and is responsible for so much of my growth and where I am today!

In this episode, Allison and I talk about how she keeps her money mindset positive and productive, even after facing setbacks. Allison also shares how she and her husband create financial intimacy in their marriage and how she recommends determining how much to pay yourself as a CEO. Listen in for some incredible tips on how to hire amazing employees, as well as a valuable gift from Allison just for you. Click “play” below…

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Allison’s entrepreneurial background and the 10 successful businesses she has built from the ground up.
  • How she planned out her lucrative business exits.
  • Allison’s big financial mistakes and wins.
  • Her thoughts on maintaining financial independence in marriage.
  • Allison’s advice for activating your Affluence Mindset.
  • Allison’s philosophy on sales and how she deals with resistance.
  • How to hire amazing employees.
  • How to figure out how much to pay yourself as a business owner.
  • And much more!

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