EP 3 | Profit Boss® Radio | Amanda Steinberg on Financial Confidence, Wealth and Growing Your Daily Worth

Today, Amanda Steinberg, CEO and founder of Daily Worth, joins us on the Profit Boss® Radio to share her incredible journey. Daily Worth is a leading online financial resource for women and has been named by Forbes as one of the top 100 sites for women. Daily Worth serves millions of women monthly, through daily newsletters and a website that focuses on money and career advice.

Amanda is a thought leader on the topic of money and women. Her goal is to advance women’s financial confidence and wealth. Since her launch in 2009, Amanda and Daily Worth have been featured in publications such as New York Times, Time, Forbes, Parenting, and Cosmopolitan, as well as on CNN, FOX, ABC and NBC news. She is an engineer by training, a saleswoman by profession and a serial optimist at heart.

Amanda has over 1.2 million subscribers and I am a guest writer for her in her “Connect with Experts” column. I am proud to be featured on Daily Worth and to have Amanda on the show with me today. Today, we talk about her journey to financial confidence and how to change your mentality on your personal finances. Listen in for some incredible tips and Amanda’s amazing insight on how you can change the course of your financial future.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Amanda’s mother helped her become the entrepreneur she is today.
  • The power of cognitive psychology in your finances.
  • How to change your mentality on spending.
  • The two ways to think about your personal finances.
  • How WorthFM is set-up to help women.
  • Amanda’s theory on why so many women struggle with their personal finances.
  • How to determine your investing and money style.

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