EP 124 | Ask Hilary

EP 124 | Profit Boss® Radio

Welcome to the first Ask Hilary episode of Season 3 of Profit Boss® Radio! All season long, I encourage you to send me your financial questions so that I can answer them on the show, and I’m happy to share that my listeners have great questions that I know all of you will learn from and be able to apply to your own lives.

Today’s episode includes questions about business taxes, the stock market, prioritizing your money to save for retirement, and investments. I’m thrilled to answer all these listener questions in today’s episode. Thank you to Nikki, Carrie, Malaika, Ina, and everyone else that sends me questions.

Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode

    • What the tax benefits are when you run your own business
    • What you can write off as a business expense and what you can’t
    • Why it’s great to be a business owner: Perspective on the upside of being your own boss
    • How you can reach ALL your financial goals and needs
    • Why you can prioritize your retirement savings in light of your everyday expenses…and should!
    • Whether or not you should ever buy individual stocks
    • Why it’s so difficult to profit from individual stock picking, but how you can benefit from company growth by investing a different way
    • The benefit of investing in mutual funds vs individual stocks
    • How to approach investing like Warren Buffett
    • What a balanced fund (fund of funds) is and why it’s used with some of our Ignite clients
    • How we evaluate investment funds and what the ratings mean from Morningstar, Lipper, Zacks, TheStreet.com, and CFRA
    • Insider Insights: What goes into investment recommendations, meaning how we select certain investment funds over others for our clients
    • What you should know about expense ratios and the impact they have on investment performance
    • Why stock returns are unpredictable and why it’s so difficult to profit from stock news you hear in the media
    • Where you can get financial advice

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And let’s not forget that this show is powered by you and your stories and questions. Every month I’ll be doing an #AskHilary episode where I answer listener financial questions.

  • So, what’s that top of mind money question that’s been pinging around in your brain?
  • Where have you been stopped?
  • What have you been arguing with your spouse or significant other about?
  • What tip or tool aren’t you sure about?
  • Do you have questions about saving? Spending? Budgeting? Investing?

Pick up your mobile phone right now. Yes, right now. And open your voice recorder app. Yep, go ahead and open that app and record yourself asking me that question. Just say your name, first name only is okay, and then what city you’re from, and then ask away.

Anything you want to ask. And once you’re done recording, export that beautiful little recording and email it to [email protected]

I can’t wait to hear your questions!.

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Hendershott Wealth Management, LLC and Profit Boss Radio do not make specific investment recommendations on Profit Boss® Radio or in any public media. Any specific mentions of funds or investments are strictly for illustrative purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice or acted upon by individual investors. The opinions expressed in this episode are those of Hilary Hendershott, CFP, MBA.