EP 106 | The Other Side of Bitcoin with Trace Mayer

EP 106 | Profit Boss® Radio

Whatever your stance on Bitcoin might be, it is difficult to deny that it is changing the way we think about finances. Bitcoin is opening up a new standard of value for currency: protection. Today, I have my guest, Trace Mayer, on the show to give us some more detailed information about Bitcoin and why it is so important to have a working knowledge of cryptocurrency. 

Trace isn’t on a mission to sell you something; he is on a mission to inform the world about the exciting new frontier that is digital currency. His podcast, Bitcoin Knowledge is all about how digital currencies can bring you monetary sovereignty and security. I was surprised to find in this interview that we weren’t actually talking about Bitcoin the whole time. Instead, we had a conversation about property rights, autonomy, and activism. 

Trace is equipping ordinary people to take even more control over their finances by investing in something protected and supported. Generally, people have gaps in their knowledge around Bitcoin, and that can make investing a bit risky. Trace is going to spell out the risks and benefits of Bitcoin in a way that is easy enough for even a novice to understand. We certainly have much to learn from Trace, and I am excited to continue the Bitcoin conversation in the future!  

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  •  Understand what it means to be a “digital native.” 
  • Let’s focus on the technical aspects of Bitcoin. 
  • The value of monetary sovereignty. 
  • We can understand Bitcoin better when we understand strong property rights. 
  • Why the inflation of currency is such an important topic. 
  • Trace shares some of the biggest moments in financial activism. 
  • We are building layers to the internet to support Bitcoin. 
  • Trace believes Bitcoin is here to stay. 
  • What you need to know about other cryptocurrencies.


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