EP 30 | Profit Boss® Radio | Your Brand Value & Everyday Heroines with Maria Ross

This week’s Profit Boss® encapsulates the mindset and authenticity that so many of us hope to achieve in life and work — making her the perfect part 2 of 3 in our personal finance series. Maria Ross is a former corporate branding and marketing expert who now runs her own consulting firm, Red Slice. Red Slice also doubles as a digital curation of marketing tips, stories, and inspiration.

In this episode, Maria generously shares her expertise in brand building for companies and people. We talk about individuals and corporations with admirable or infamous brands and what makes them particularly potent. Maria also breaks down the five characteristics of a power brand, which you can become even as a business of one.

To top it off, we’re building on a new theme in the podcast: Everyday Heroines. Maria talks about her own financial backstory and the mistakes she’s made along the way. She shares the personality traits that helped shape her positive money mindset, and how she overcame personal and financial obstacles like $30,000 in credit card debt and breaking off an engagement.

Your character is the foundation of your life, but it can also be the foundation of a meaningful and successful business. Check out Maria’s advice to find out how!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How you can draw out your values as part of your brand.
  • Why people can be uncomfortable with “branding,” and why it’s a great thing regardless.
  • The power of not appealing to everybody.
  • Why your brand should be an overarching message, not just what you’re doing right now.
  • The five marks of a power brand.
  • The difference between direct marketing and branding.
  • How Maria overcame debt and uncertainty to build her dream brand and a flourishing business.

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