3 Keys to Build a Business that Pays You Well

In order to build a business that pays you well, it’s often necessary to deconstruct what got you to where you are. Everybody has a level of wealth that they perceive is their ceiling, the maximum of what they feel they can create. This is, at its essence, a limiting belief and a money block.

I work with business owners to bulldoze those blocks and break through those ceilings. My work is to get business owners out of their comfort zones and into skyrocketing profitability.

Here are 3 key ways help business owners lay the right foundation for a business with expanding ceilings:

  1. Know Your Numbers

    I find that a lot of business owners put their head in the sand when it comes to knowing their numbers.

    When you know your numbers, you’re more in control, and you have the ability to set and meet your big exciting goals.

    And managing the numbers can be a lot easier than you think!

    I use simple checklists.

    I help my students set up a financial dashboard where you watch your key metrics and can see easily the weekly and quarterly % to goal numbers that keep you focused and motivated and empowered.

  2. Plan for Your Money—Give Your Money a Profit Role

    You spend a lot of time doing planning for your business; doesn’t it make sense that you should spend an equal amount of time planning for your money? I help you plan.

    In my work with business owners, we help set up the flow of accounts so that with intention, every dollar that comes into your business gets assigned a profit role (not to be confused with profiteroles, which are bad for your waistline)!

    When this flow of accounts is set up correctly, every dollar in goes exactly where you want it to go, is used where you intend it to be used, and generates profit.

  3. Start With the End in Mind

    I work with business owners to help them set up their business with the end in mind.

    The absolute best advice I have to offer: Always be crafting your business as if you’re going to sell it someday. Even if you don’t think you are.

    In fact, one of my multi-millionaire business owner clients told me that she never started a business with the intention of making a high salary.

    Her true wealth, she told me, had been made by creating and selling well-run businesses.

    Essentially, my work is to help business owners understand the value and importance of unlimited owner income generation.

    So many of us are working hard in our businesses, but not paying ourselves.

    If you’re not enjoying a comfortable lifestyle, you’ll get burned out and be dissatisfied with the business you’ve built.

    You absolutely have to find a way to produce profits and pay yourself well. It ’s critical that instead of you serving the business, the business serves YOU, the business owner.