EP 127 | Ask Hilary: Debt, Buy vs. Rent, Business Income, Credit Repair, and more…

EP 127 | Profit Boss® Radio

Welcome to episode 127 of Profit Boss® Radio! Today’s episode features your questions. Thank you for sharing your personal finance questions with me so I can answer them offline with you or through the show. Please keep them coming!

What is interesting about this week’s #AskHilary episode is that no two questions are exactly alike, and they cover a wide range of financial issues. We’ll be talking about how to pay down massive amounts of credit card debt and when to file for bankruptcy, how to think about school debt, what you need to know about credit repair, how to create consistent personal income as a business owner, and whether or not you should consider subsidized home-buyer programs.

Whether one, many or no topic in today’s episode pertains to your specific situation, stick around because these are important money matters that touch on foundational financial planning principles. Just about everyone can glean some new financial insights from this latest installment of Profit Boss® Radio.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode

  • How to deal with massive debt and the money mindset that likely got you in financial trouble in the first place.
  • How to assess the true ROI of education and how much student debt is acceptable
  • A few ways you can pay for college
  • Why I recommend creditrepair.com and how it works
  • How to create consistent income even when your business income is inconsistent
  • Ways to alleviate the burden of a home down payment in high-cost areas
  • What types of subsidized first-time home buyer loans exist and how to determine which one might make sense for you
  • The downsides to subsidized loan programs
  • What you need to know about PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) and why you should avoid it if you can
  • How to get started building wealth

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Call for Listener Stories

Hey Profit Boss® Radio listeners! 2018 is rapidly winding down and I’m preparing a special episode that celebrates you! But, this special episode requires your help.

  • If you have crushed a specific financial goal, I want to hear from you.
  • If you’re thankful for something that has happened in your financial life or career, I want to hear from you.
  • If you are making big plans for 2019, I want to hear from you!

Your financial success is possible and so many of you are already making that a reality! So, don’t keep your wins to yourself! Share them with me so that I can air them in a special year-end episode of Profit Boss® Radio.

Email your audio clip to [email protected]. And we’ll be in touch if we plan to air your story in a few weeks! Thanks, ladies!


And let’s not forget that this show is powered by you and your stories and questions. Every month I’ll be doing an #AskHilary episode where I answer listener financial questions.

  • So, what’s that top of mind money question that’s been pinging around in your brain?
  • Where have you been stopped?
  • What have you been arguing with your spouse or significant other about?
  • What tip or tool aren’t you sure about?
  • Do you have questions about saving? Spending? Budgeting? Investing?

Pick up your mobile phone right now. Yes, right now. And open your voice recorder app. Yep, go ahead and open that app and record yourself asking me that question. Just say your name, first name only is okay, and then what city you’re from, and then ask away.

Anything you want to ask. And once you’re done recording, export that beautiful little recording and email it to [email protected].

I can’t wait to hear your questions!

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