EP 144 | How to Plan for Retirement Together: Client Stories

Welcome to The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio episode 144! This is a brand new season of Profit Boss® and I have made a few adjustments this season! Now titled: The Retirement Years on Profit Boss® Radio, this show is your weekly wealth building and retirement mastermind. Profit Boss® is also a movement for women to reach their full wealth potential and be financially free. I’m covering the sophisticated wealth planning topics that most directly affect you, my sophisticated listeners. So, let’s get right to it!

This week’s episode will serve as a follow up to last week’s episode 143, How To Plan For Retirement Together. If you are listening to this episode I am quite sure that you have questions or concerns regarding you or your spouse’s financial planning. In a perfect world, you and your spouse would agree on everything and execute your plan flawlessly, but we do not live in a perfect world. So, let’s talk about what you should do if you’re like the rest of us and need to reach agreement and consensus on your vision for retirement. 

I share three examples of couples that I have worked with who I think have done a great job of coming together, despite not being clear on their vision early on or even thinking their goals were possible! Make sure to tune in to this week’s episode as I delve into real-life client stories on how to plan for retirement together.

Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio

  • Client Story #1: The Quiet Success Story
  • Why it is important to discuss your finances while dating
  • Knowing the importance of planning
  • Client Story #2: Excellent Teamwork
  • Why teamwork is invaluable when planning for retirement
  • Client Story #3-Everybody Doesn’t Have To Do 50%
  • How you can still plan for retirement when you and your partner have different money mindsets
  • BONUS: MoneyWise Segment: Kids and Credit Cards
  • What age kids have to be to obtain a credit card in their name
  • Why it is better to have kids use a credit card instead of a debit card
  • The importance of modeling good financial behaviors
  • The 2019 Kids with Credit Cards Survey Results

Resources and Related Profit Boss® Content Mentioned in this Episode

Call for Listener Stories

Hey Profit Boss® Radio listeners! If you reach a financial goal you’re proud of, tell me about it! I will continue to share listener win stories throughout 2019. Remember, the Profit Boss® community is here to support you and that includes celebrating with you when you accomplish something incredible. 

  • If you crush a specific financial goal, I want to hear from you.
  • If you’re thankful for something that has happened in your financial life or career, I want to hear from you.
  • If you are making big financial or career plans, I want to hear from you!

Your financial success is possible and so many of you are already making that a reality! So, don’t keep your wins to yourself! Share them with me so that I can air them throughout the year on Profit Boss® Radio.

Email your audio clip to [email protected]. And we’ll be in touch if we plan to air your story. Thanks, ladies!


And let’s not forget that this show is powered by you and your stories and questions. Every month I’ll be doing an #AskHilary episode where I answer listener financial questions.

  • So, what’s that top of mind money question that’s been pinging around in your brain?
  • Where have you been stopped?
  • What have you been arguing with your spouse or significant other about?
  • What tip or tool aren’t you sure about?
  • Do you have questions about saving? Spending? Budgeting? Investing?

Pick up your mobile phone right now. Yes, right now. And open your voice recorder app. Yep, go ahead and open that app and record yourself asking me that question. Just say your name, first name only is okay, and then what city you’re from, and then ask away.

Anything you want to ask. And once you’re done recording, export that beautiful little recording and email it to [email protected]. I can’t wait to hear your questions!

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