EP 15 | Profit Boss® Radio | Couples & Money Part III: Handle the Tough Stuff with The BETTER Relationship Coach

This week’s interview wraps up our three-part Couples & Money special series with Susie Miller, known as The BETTER Relationship coach…you’ll find out why.

Susie Miller is the best-selling author of Listen, Learn, and Love, and a contributor to Huffington Post. She has been featured in major news outlets including Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, and NPR.

As an author, speaker, and coach, Susie has dedicated her life to helping people create better relationships in life and business. She works with businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs and executives to reduce stress, improve communication, and increase productivity and profits through targeted people skills.

Susie is an incredibly wise and practical woman. She joins me today to talk about how to take the right steps to get on the same page, financially, with your significant other. With her incredible wisdom, she can help you learn how to start with the big picture.

Susie also shares her advice for the money talks that couples in their second marriages need to have. If you are in a relationship and know you need to have some tough conversations about money, then this episode is one you cannot afford to miss.

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to get to the right place to have the hard conversation.
  • How to take the right steps to get on the same page financially.
  • Special advice for spouses in 2nd marriages.
  • How to navigate the really tough choices.
  • Practical advice for workaholics who are also rich in love!
  • How to be become interdependent.
  • And much more!

Featured On The Show:

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