EP 72 | Profit Boss® Radio | Elder Financial Abuse: How to Protect the Ones You Love with Richard Eisenberg

Richard Eisenberg is on this episode to help us bring light to the dark reality of elder financial abuse. Nearly 1 in 20 seniors become victims of financial mistreatment or abuse, often left unnoticed and unresolved. Between con-artists and (sadly) family members who drain the savings of elderly people, around three billion dollars are stolen from seniors each year.

Knowing how to protect the elderly people in your life from financial ruin is extremely important. On this episode, Richard outlines a few ways to prevent your older family members and friends from getting scammed. He also shares ways to seek help and justice if you find that this is happening to someone you know.

This is such an important and timely issue to discuss – Elder Abuse Awareness Day just passed on June 13th. Listen in for some valuable tips and ideas to help you help the ones you love and spread awareness to your friends.

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The many ways your elderly loved ones are being targeted by scammers, thieves, and even people they trust.
  • Things to watch out for that indicate that a crime may be committed or mismanagement is happening.
  • What to do and who to contact if you suspect or notice that someone is taking advantage of a senior.
  • The best ways to prevent family members from becoming victims of theft and scams.
  • How to approach this delicate subject and help elderly family members manage their finances.

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