Welcome to Profit Boss® Radio

Welcome to the launch episode of Profit Boss® Radio, a weekly podcast for women who want to create success in their financial life.

Despite our amazing ability to create supportive communities, for women the topic of money mainly remains taboo. This is where Profit Boss® Radio comes in – it’s YOUR opportunity to tune in every week to a compassionate, supportive, and inspirational conversation designed to let you in on what’s really happening in the financial lives of the women around you!

I’m your host, Hilary Hendershott. I’m a leading financial advisor for women, money mindset expert, experienced wealth manager, author, speaker, and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. I’m honored to have my financial articles published in the Wall Street Journal, Investopedia, Forbes, and I currently write a regular column for Women and Money at DailyWorth.com. I am also a TEDx speaker and was recently named one of the top 40 entrepreneurs under 40 in Silicon Valley.

In this inaugural episode of Profit Boss® Radio, I talk about why I created this show, share a bit about my background, and explain who this podcast is for and what you can expect each time you join me here. Click “Play” below to join me on this journey to economic independence and freedom!

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Introduction to me, Hilary Hendershott, and Profit Boss® Radio.
  • Who the Profit Boss® Radio podcast is for.
  • What a Profit Boss® is.
  • My personal money story and how I was able to rewire my financial instincts.
  • What you can expect from this show.

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