EP 10 | Profit Boss® Radio | Grit to Great: How Perseverance Moves the Money Needle with Linda Kaplan Thaler

My guest this week is none other than the advertising extraordinaire, Linda Kaplan Thaler. Linda is the co-author of the newly released book, Grit to Great. She has appeared on many TV Shows, including Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, CNN, The Today’s Show, and Good Morning America.  

Linda has an incredible past — she is responsible for some of the most popular advertising campaigns, like the Aflac duck, and the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Herbal Essences campaign. She wrote the “I’m a Toys’R’Us Kid” jingle, Kodak Moments, and worked on two Clinton presidential campaigns. Linda is the former Chairman of Publicis Kaplan Thaler, and her clients included Proctor and Gamble, Citi, L’Oréal, Pfizer, and Wendy’s. She is now the president of Kaplan Thaler Productions.

Along with her co-author, Robin Koval, Linda has become a best-selling author three times over with, The Power of Small, The Power of Nice and Bang! Getting Your Message Heard in a Noisy World. Linda has been awarded the prestigious Matrix Award, the Muse Award, Advertising Woman of the Year award and she has been named one of the Advertising Age’s Most Influential Women in Advertising. Most recently, she was inducted into the 2015 Advertising Call of Fame.

Join us for this fast-paced, content-rich, dynamic interview with Linda as she shares her incredible money story and how, even with her all of her success, she is still just a girl from the Bronx. She also shares some practical tips that will help you shift your perspective on your big, audacious goals.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Linda’s “secret sauce” to success.
  • How you can become the next Michael Jordan in your field.
  • Linda’s guiding philosophy in business and life.
  • How to use Linda’s G.R.I.T. factor.
  • Linda’s method to make your employees love working for you.
  • Linda’s moment of truth advertising gamble that paid off.
  • Why Aflac was so resistant to using their iconic duck in their advertising.
  • And much more!

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