EP 17 | Profit Boss® Radio | How to Ask for a Raise – And Get It! with Shanna Landolt

This week you are in for a treat! Shanna is the founder of Secrets From a Head Hunter, and President of the Landolt Group, an executive search firm.

Shanna is a LinkedIn and career expert on NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, C-TV, City TV, and Life Network and has over fifteen years of experience in recruiting and placing hundreds of well-qualified applicants in six figure jobs. She is a two-time best-selling author with her book, LinkedIn Secrets From a Top Executive Recruiter. Shanna also co-authored The Soul of Success with none other than the great Jack Canfield.

Shanna joins us today to share her incredible story and the secrets to getting paid more. With her help, you can gain the confidence to negotiate the salary you deserve and to develop the traits that will convince any employer to go above and beyond to have YOU on their team.

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Shanna went from performing at a musical theatre to an executive placement expert.
  • What a head hunter can expect to be paid.
  • How to ask for the pay you deserve.
  • Shanna’s strategy for keeping the upper hand when negotiating your salary.
  • The quality of the candidate that makes employers go beyond the pay.
  • And much more!

Featured On The Show:

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