EP 20 | Profit Boss® Radio | Divorce Advice: Conscious Uncoupling with Helene Taylor, Esq.

This week’s podcast dives into a subject that is an unfortunate reality for many women and, although difficult, needs to be discussed: Divorce.

Certainly no one plans for a divorce, most don’t like to talk about divorce, but if it’s a possibility for you, you’ll be smart to arm yourself with information. Also, when you’re in the midst of divorce, which is a huge life transition, you simply must have a competent team in place.

My guest today, Helene Taylor, Esq., is a divorce expert, formerly a competent divorce attorney, on a mission to help those navigating the process of separation and divorce to do so as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Using her 20 years of experience with California’s family law, litigation, and mediation as a backdrop for our conversation, Helene shares valuable insight on what women can and should do to protect themselves financially and how they can begin the emotional healing process in order to move seamlessly into their next great chapter of life.

Divorce doesn’t have to break the bank or leave you demoralized. Spend the next hour with a legal expert and life coach who can help you find ways to make the best of a tense and often difficult situation.

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The stages of separation and divorce.
  • What not to do before meeting with a divorce attorney or family law attorney.
  • How to locate and evaluate a competent attorney.
  • Why a pitbull attorney can actually end up costing you more.
  • Costliest divorce mistakes to avoid.
  • How to recover emotionally after a divorce is final.
  • And much more!

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