EP 6 | Profit Boss® Radio | The Energy of Money with Sheevaun Moran

This week on the Profit Boss® Radio, our guest is Sheevaun Moran. Sheevaun and I met in 2015 when we were both speakers at the Wealthy Visionary Event in Los Angeles, CA. Sheevaun’s straight-up style is truly a breath of fresh air in a industry that can sometimes feel like deception is the norm.

Through the tragic loss of her husband, and even nearly losing her own life, Sheevaun has moved on to help thousands of people to reclaim their lives. She helps people make their way back to optimum health, financial stability, and happiness.

Sheevaun bases her teachings on ancient principles that have helped many businesses, entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches and innovators to achieve their maximum results. She gives her all to everyone who wants to learn and show up to make a difference in their lives. Sheevaun is the author of five books, and with her tools, you’ll be able to make the big changes in your life and business that you have been needing.

In this episode, Sheevaun and I talk about her incredible history, from being a mathematician and a science geek to becoming an expert in the energy of money. Sheevaun has an amazing way of getting high-level of results for her clients. With her help, you can learn how to deal with that pesky little voice in your head, become even more persuasive, and make a big difference in the world around you.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Sheevaun’s parents shaped her views on money.
  • The event that made Sheevaun fall in love with being an entrepreneur.
  • How she healed herself.
  • How she transitioned from corporate into working full-time with clients across the spectrum from broke to billionaires.
  • Why talking is never enough, and how to finally take action in the areas of life that you’re committed to.

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