EP 7 | Profit Boss® Radio | Take Charge of Your Money & Your Life with Denise Hughes

This week, I am excited to bring you an incredible interview with the amazing Denise Hughes. Denise is an author and financial coach who I first came into contact with many years ago when I saw her speak at a financial advisor conference.

I had never heard anyone talking about money psychology in a scientific way, that made tangible sense to me, until Denise. That talk spurred my subsequent interest in money psychology and my own conscious and unconscious behaviors that lead to the situation I found myself. Denise has been an amazing coach for me, and her incredible knowledge has become part of the backbone of Hilary Hendershott Financial.

Join Denise and I as we talk about her incredible background, which started when she nearly went through a divorce because of money issues. Denise and her husband eventually were able to reach financial harmony, saving their marriage and leading her to her current calling as a financial consultant and coach.

Denise shares her definition of spirituality and how that’s related to your money beliefs.

Denise works with couples to resolve money issues and also helps her clients to overcome any lack of confidence that can correlate to money and earning or wealth ceilings. If you have ever felt that you are worth more than you are getting paid, but don’t have the confidence to ask for it, then you need to listen in to what Denise has to say.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Denise went from a nurse to a money coach.
  • How financial coaching saved Denise’s marriage.
  • The turning point that brought Denise and her husband back from divorce.
  • Denise’s definition of money.
  • What spirituality is all about.
  • How confidence can affect the amount that you feel comfortable asking to be paid.

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