EP 9 | Profit Boss® Radio | Monetize Thy Self with Nicole Walters

This week, as we head into the final stretch of tax season, I have an amazing interview for my listeners. I first heard today’s guest speak on another podcast, and I knew that I had to have her on. Nicole Walters has an amazing philosophy on money and making money that I absolutely love.

As a business development expert, Nicole understands how to turn popularity into profits and how to make things happen for you with limited resources. She teaches her students how to have an empowered money mindset in a way that I find incredibly enlightening.

Nicole really knows her stuff when it comes to the technical parts of money, including reading PNL statements and understanding margins and pricing. In her past life, Nicole worked as a client-facing executive for Fortune 500 companies in sales and marketing.

Nicole brings her expertise in monetizing multiple billion dollar corporations to you, my Profit Boss®ies, stay-at-home parents, and small business owners. Through her coaching, Nicole teaches her students and clients the systems, processes and metrics that will ensure their entrepreneurial success.

With her fun, affordable, and entertaining One K One Day academy and videos, her clients embrace the Monetize Thy Self mindset to achieve their financial goals and enjoy the journey to success.

Listen in as Nicole shares her incredible story and the events that shifted her priorities around money. You don’t want to miss Nicole’s interview as she shares why focusing on money first can actually help you think about it less, as well as her tips to creating a mastermind that will propel you to the success you want.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Nicole changed course when she became a foster mother.
  • Nicole’s goal for the year.
  • Why Nicole calls her clients “Rich Friends”.
  • How Nicole was able to move past her money fears.
  • Why you need a better understanding of margins in your business.
  • What you can gain from Nicole’s One K One Day course.
  • How to build true profitability in your business.
  • How Nicole is building for the future.

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