EP 137 | FIRE: Financial Independence, Retire Early with Tanja Hester

EP 137 | Profit Boss® Radio

Welcome to episode 137 of Profit Boss® Radio! In this episode, we are discussing the FIRE movement with Tanja Hester. The word FIRE is an acronym for Financial Independence, Retire Early. There are plenty of reasons why people want to leave the workforce and retire early, but how much do you need to have saved up in your nest egg to make that a reality? That is just one of the important questions Tanja and I cover in today’s show.

You won’t want to miss this week’s show where Tanja talks about how she and her husband were able to retire at the age of 38 and what steps they took to make that possible. Take a deep dive into Tanja’s journey toward financial independence and early retirement. If you have been wanting to understand and learn more about the FIRE movement, and how you can accomplish this for your life this episode is for you. Thank you to Tanja Hester for joining me today to help shed light on how anyone can make this possible in their own life.

Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio:

What You’ll Find Out in this Episode:

  • The things you need to take into consideration that could allow you to achieve financial independence.
  • How your lifestyle costs correlate with your savings rate (how much you need for your nest egg).
  • How to think about an investment strategy that could produce income for the rest of your life.
  • How where you plan to live after you retire plays a significant role in your ability to retire early.
  • How to factor your insurance needs into your long-term retirement planning.
  • How you can bulletproof your financial life before you stop working.
  • How you can alter your savings plan to reach your FIRE goal.
  • How Tanya and her husband were able to quit the workforce at 38-years-old and the steps they took to make it possible.
  • The financial buying traps to avoid if you want to retire early.
  • How to know when you have saved enough money to be able to retire.
  • How a multi-faceted financial plan can help you now and protect you later in life.
  • What it means to constrain your lifestyle versus increasing your spending.
  • Why you should save 30x your annual income plus have a contingency plan when you are determining your retirement strategy.
  • What you should consider when determining health insurance in retirement.
  • How is Tanja’s life in retirement versus when she was working.
  • The top things that Tanja would do differently in her financial journey knowing what she knows now.
  • What the different phases of retirement are and how you can plan for each one.
  • Why creating multiple streams of income supports early retirement.
  • How you can plan to retire without touching retirement resources that would come with early withdrawal penalties.
  • How to balance your time as a retired person no matter your age.
  • Get an overview of Tanja’s book, Work Optional Retire Early Non Penny Pinching and her podcast, The Fairer Cents.

About Tanja Hester

Tanja Hester worked as a consultant before retiring at age 38 to live a life of adventure and creativity with her husband, Mark Bunge. She is the writer of the award-winning blog Our Next Life, an influencer within the FIRE (financial independence/retire early) movement, a columnist for MarketWatch, and co-host of The Fairer Cents podcast about women and financial equality. After spending most of her career in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, she now lives in Lake Tahoe with Mark and two dogs.

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