EP 12 | Profit Boss® Radio | Habits for Financial Productivity with Laura McClellan

Ep #12 Laura McClellanThis week on Profit Boss® Radio, my guest is Laura McClellan. Laura is the host of the award-nominated productivity podcast for busy women, The Productive Woman. Laura is also a lawyer, writer, tech geek, and very passionate about helping and encouraging women on their journies to ultimate success. She also blogs at I Was Just Thinking and Real Estate Law.

I am a life-long student of the art of productivity and even I have problems differentiating between the ideas of productivity and systems. I believe that you need systems,  for everything from repetitive tasks to checklists and frameworks for decision making, to accomplish your goals.

Laura is amazing at teaching how to create the systems you need to enforce habits for financial productivity. Laura and I cover everything from the principles of productivity, the beauty of essentialism, and why it is imperative that you think through your choices before you say yes to any venture.

Laura gives some incredible insight into some of the things she has chosen to remove from her life in order to focus on being productive in the things she’s committed to. We talk about the systems for financial productivity, including money making, paying bills and growing wealth.

If you have questions about how to stop just being busy, and start being productive, then you need to turn up the volume and listen in because Laura shares her tools to make a difference in your life and business.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Laura’s definition of productivity.
  • The relationship between minimalism and productivity.
  • How Laura was able to minimize her life.
  • How to apply the principles of productivity in your life.
  • How to use tools to maximize your productivity.
  • The traits of productive women.
  • And much more!

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