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EP 105 | Profit Boss® Radio

Profit Boss®  radio is all about connecting you to women who are empowering other women to have confidence in their finances. I cannot think of anyone who embodies that spirit like Jen Hemphill. Jen is a bilingual Latina military wife and mama who knows there’s a lot more to financial freedom than spending less and saving more. After experiencing years of the numbers sliding sideways, even though she and her husband were doing “all the right things,” Jen went on a journey to uncover some untraditional ways to empower herself financially. The result is the amazing Her Money Matters Podcast and now a brand new book! 

Her Money Matters: The Missing Truths from Traditional Money Advice is a go-to guide for women with burning questions about money. It is a book about money specifically designed with women in mind, and Jen has so much wisdom to share with us about money mindset. I am not just excited to have Jen on the show to talk about the content of her book, but also the book-writing process. Publishing is such a mystery to many of us, so Jen is going to explain just what it takes to self-publish. 

If you are interested in money mindset and the uncharted territory many of our money mentors have not dared to go, Jen is your lady! She is proof that when women take charge of their finances, good things happen. 

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  •   Jen shares with us her unique message about money. 
  • Jen’s role as a military spouse led her to want to create the podcast platform and a career that offered flexibility. 
  • The services that Jen offers for finance coaching. 
  • Everybody writes a book, but Jen decided to take advantage of the opportunity. 
  • Why Jen parted ways with her traditional publisher, and how the hybrid approach was right for her. 
  • A day in the life of book launching author! 
  • What makes up a launch team. 
  • What is missing from traditional money advice? 
  • Since Jen had her “Aha Moment,” Jen has learned so many lessons about money. 
  • We often forget to acknowledge what we are doing well. 
  • There are different stages of budgeting. 
  • Your money mindset takes up 60%. 
  • Jen shares all about self-care. 
  • Let’s talk about Negotiating!
  • Get clear about your dream budget.

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