How to Fix Email Overload, Double Your Productivity, and Grow Your Wealth!

Yes, it’s true.

Email might be keeping you broke.

If you don’t know how to fix email overload, it also probably keeps you distracted, stressed out, out of touch (exactly the opposite of what it’s meant to!) and generally disorganized. If you process email as it comes in, giving preference to what’s at the top of your inbox, or worse—scroll through emails deciding which to read based on subject line and sender and responding to some but without ever deleting most—you are sunk.

Oh, and you probably have at least 20,000 emails in your inbox right now!!

Here are 3 ways solving email overload can help you grow wealthier:

  1. No More Late Fees
    Do you receive e-statements, invoices or bills in your mail that get lost and don’t get paid? Never again with an organized inbox. Create a “Pay These by the 15th” folder and then make a date on your calendar for the 11th to get it done!Pay via PayPal or online banking during your daily banking transactions review and the entire thing can be done in just a few moments!
  1. Better Follow up With Clients
    If you’re a job seeker or business owner, or you’re in customer service or sales, you know that sometimes you just have to follow up time and again. If you have a cluttered inbox, I know there have been times you’ve come across an email conversation that was 90 days old and thought, “Darn. I bet he would have done business with me/hired me/bought more/set that appointment if I had just followed up!”With rare exception, I manage to keep up with literally hundreds of discussions at one time, simply because I handle email the same way, every time (check the video for all of my secrets).
  1. More Time and Peace of Mind Means You Can Provide Value
    Simply put—having an organized life will keep the stress monster at bay so you can be in your Zone of Genius more! Our world is a world of information overload, noise and distraction if you don’t manage it carefully. You have block time for your best and highest self to do her magic. Handling email at specific times, quickly and efficiently will get you out from behind the monitor and into the world where you belong.There’s no way I can walk into a client meeting distracted, not present, and not in their world. If I’m thinking about things that I’m afraid aren’t getting done, even for a minute, I’m not doing my job. So I’ve created ways to keep my world tidy so I can focus on helping my clients build wealth.

I have a gift for you today. I put together a video of the exact methodology I use for keeping my email and tasks organized, because they’re really the same thing. They’re conversations, requests, priorities, and things to get done, and it’s too important to manage ad hoc.

And, this is one of the longest videos I’ve ever posted! (just under 20 minutes) So most of you won’t watch the entire thing.

But if you’re up to big things in the world, productivity and organization are key to producing results. And investing 20 minutes in this video will definitely help you achieve better results! Let me know how it works for you in the comments below!

Watch the video: