EP 88 | Jean Chatzky on Earning and Investing More

Episode 88 | Profit Boss® Radio

It’s time to get your money mindset intent on investing! On ProfitBoss Radio, I try to tackle the personal and cultural forces that are both pushing women forward and holding us back. Buzzing about in the media is the continuing conversation about women and wage parity. Are women making strides to even the wage gap? Are women investing and earning with the same confidence as men? I could think of no one better to tackle those questions than Jean Chatzky!

You might know Jean as the Financial Editor from NBC’s “The Today Show.” She is also a respected finance journalist, host of the HerMoney podcast, and the author of nine books. Her most recent book, AgeProof, is just one point of conversation for us today. She has so much wisdom and expertise to share that would warrant several episodes of their own! I asked Jean how she does it all, from appearing on TV to writing countless articles and books, and she responded that it all comes down to mindset. Nothing fires Jean up like having conversations with people who feel empowered about their finances, and she has certainly brought her fire today!

Jean had a lot of surprising things to say about current cultural influences on finance. It turns out that Millennials are leading their elders financially through wage transparency and a willingness to invest. She also shared with me the common fears and misconceptions parents face when planning to pay for college debt-free. Jean managed it, and her honest perspective is refreshing and honest! We also talked all about the fears and misunderstandings that keep women from investing. If you might be in that camp today, I think you will gain a lot of wisdom from Jean’s perspective.

It is such a pleasure to have someone like Jean on the show. Her expertise is unmatched, and her compassion is beyond measure. The bottom line is that Jean genuinely loves to help others master their finances, free from fear. Whether you are looking to invest or to make the most of your savings, Jean has a little something for you today.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • A day in the life of Jean Chatzky.
  • Jean’s perspective on the gender wage gap within the media and speaking industries.
  • Transparency with your earnings is key to women earning just as much as men.
  • The main blocks to women wanting to build wealth.
  • The younger generation is leading the way with transparency in earnings and participation in investment opportunities.
  • We can successfully navigate the fluctuations of the market by changing our long-term v. short-term view of the market.
  • Jean’s advice—put down the phone!
  • How to order your financial priorities at different stages of life.
  • Wrestling with saving for college v. saving for retirement.
  • Untapped financial resources for parents looking to fund college.
  • The story behind AgeProof.
  • Put some things on autopilot, prep ahead, and you’ll save so much time and money!
  • Jean’s mindset secrets for success.
  • How HerMoney can continue this episode’s conversation weekly.

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