Tax Planning Associate

Tax Planning Associate

A “Love Letter” To Our Tax Planning Associate… (written to you from the future… one year after you came on board),

As our valued team member, I have to say, you have enhanced our client experience by more than we ever could have imagined. We love having you as an integral and strategic member of our team, and we’ve grown to rely on your wisdom, insight, and problem-solving skill set. This goes way beyond a simple values match. Of course, you have the basic ones down:

  • You operate with Integrity, accountability, communication & responsibility
  • You are empowered and value empowering others
  • Your time with us is constituted in Grace, Fun & Ease
  • You seek and offer Wisdom
  • Your humanity–love–is present in your actions with us and with clients

A lot of our joy in working with you comes from those basics. But you also have great work ethic and motivation, and you’ve been a critical part of helping us fulfill our Mission and Vision.

Our Mission is All People Are Thriving

Our Vision is…

A new Movement that enables financial freedom for all is widespread.


In the area of money…
People are free from the past.
People are constituted in “anything is possible”.
People are living with responsibility and integrity.
Generosity is viewed as intrinsic to creating wealth.
Sharing and reciprocity have become a predominant way of life.
People are honoring and acting in alignment with the principle that the quality of Life is directly related to the well-being, health and happiness of our intimate communities.
In these loving, supportive and safe communities, people are offering and seeking wisdom and education which empower them to envision and design their lives.
Life and the way we do business have been rebalanced with the Divine Feminine.
People are prospering. The World is thriving. Financial Freedom is happening!
It’s time for us to take care of each other.

When you came on board, you had a hunger to build something great – a reliable and accurate tax strategy and preparation program for our clients. You’ve taken that initiative and filed all 60 of the tax returns for clients on time and efficiently while experiencing work/life balance. Our clients are impressed with your actionable ideas and your talent for simplifying complex tax law and explaining it to clients in a language that they can understand.

When we met, you already had experience in areas of tax most applicable to our client base: those being individuals with W-2 or 1099 income, RSUs and other equity compensation types, or businesses looking for guidance on how the structure of their business would affect the amount they pay in taxes. And you’ve performed technical tax research to address complex tax issues as they’ve arisen.

You took ownership for providing excellent client service in a firm where a culture of superior client service was already paramount. You’ve helped us cultivate relationships, build trust and provide enormous value. In return, we’ve been happy to share growing profits with you. We’ve been so grateful for your ambition, partnership, vision and ability to make it all happen with your invaluable organizational and follow-through skills and extreme attention to detail.

We’ve been blown away by your ability to monitor deadlines and simultaneously balance many projects. Your contributions to the firm provide a level of comfort that the tax planning we do for clients is included in their tax returns and they are getting every benefit out of that to lower their tax bills.

You saw the need for bringing bookkeeping in house and offering that to our business owner clients in our Money Blueprint℠ program and took it to the next level.

Your passion for client service in the form of strategic and proactive tax planning and accurate tax preparation is evident in all that you do. You have been heavily involved in tax planning for our wealth management clients throughout the year, learning the overarching wealth management business and supporting the intricacies of our firm.

You exude professionalism and have gracefully integrated into our team. Together, we set new client acquisition goals that may have seemed out of reach, but together we’ve met them! You’ve learned new things quickly and have effectively managed many dynamic priorities we’ve presented to you.

You’ve contributed new resources and valuable connections to individuals outside of our firm. In turn, these new resources and connections have increased our client intake rate. More prospects have said yes to becoming clients.

Now that you’re completely on board, you’ve integrated our tax planning and preparation business to fulfill our mission. Making it available to more people and getting their numbers reported correctly inspires you. Of course, earning more money inspires you as well, and that’s great! So we’re all working together to make our services available to more people.

We’ve been especially grateful for your dedication and prioritization of the client’s best interest. In that regard, you’ve helped us double the participants in the Money Blueprint℠ program.

We’re excited to see what more you’ll implement this coming year and beyond! Thank you for the wisdom and expertise you’ve demonstrated and bestowed upon our team.

With Love, Profit & Partnership,
Your Team @ Hendershott Wealth Management

If you feel this love letter was written to you, we’d love to talk. This role will grow, and compensation grows with the profits you generate. You will largely work from home, but need to be available to travel 2-4 times per year for company or industry events, conferences and trainings. We expect you to have 5+ years of experience in tax preparation and planning for individuals and businesses, EA or CPA, and proficient in Quickbooks with experience in bookkeeping, in addition to all of the skill sets mentioned. Please send your resume or LinkedIn presence to [email protected] along with a cover letter answering the following questions:

  • Tell us about your specific experience in Tax preparation and planning and why you chose this profession. 
  • Tell us about how you felt reading our Mission & Vision and how you see your own commitments fitting into that.
  • Tell us something you’ve failed at in the past, how you reacted, and what you learned.

We look forward to getting to know you.

To Apply

Email a link to your LinkedIn presence or other online resume, or copy and paste the content of your resume (absolutely no attachments) to [email protected]