EP 1 | Growing up on Welfare, Earning $90,000/year by age 18, and Building a Million Dollar Business in a Single Year with Kimra Luna

Today, we’re excited to welcome our guest, an incredible entrepreneur, Kimra Luna, to the show. Kimra is a personal branding and online business strategist, but unlike most other successful entrepreneurs, she doesn’t have a list of degrees, publications or media mentions.

When Kimra launched her business, it skyrocketed to an incredible success right out of the gate. She was able to make almost a million dollars her first year in business, spending less than $20k on Facebook ads to launch her product.

Join us as Kimra shares her unique story of how she grew up on welfare, made $90k a year by the age of 18 doing what she loved, and then went back on welfare, living with her in-laws.  We also discuss the ins and outs of Kimra’s recent venture and how she was able to achieve unbelievable success is just one year. Don’t miss this inspiring interview!

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Kimra unknowingly created her first business at 18 years old and made $90k a year.
  • Why she ended up back on welfare.
  • How Kimra developed her incredible drive and no-excuse mindset.
  • The story of how she built her first blog and, eventually, her personal brand.
  • The strategy behind her product creation.
  • Why she decided to do only one launch in 2015.
  • What Kimra is planning on doing differently in the new year.
  • Kimra’s big-picture vision and future goals.

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