9 Lessons from My TEDx Talk, The Surprising Power of Language to Make You Rich

Have you ever felt like you were bursting at the seams to share an amazing idea with the world?

Two years ago, I felt that way when I was selected as a TEDx speaker for the inaugural Santa Clara University TEDx event.

If you’ve read many of my money articles or attended one of my talks, you’ve likely heard me talk about money mindsets and Money Operating Systems™, but at the time I hadn’t spoken about it much publicly.

I was beside myself with anticipation and excitement. I think I practiced for three, full, straight days to deliver my 18-minute (length is strictly limited by TED guidelines) talk, The Surprising Power of Language to Make You Rich.

I knew every word by heart!

As you likely know, TEDx talks are videotaped and shared on the TED website, so the possibility for distribution is global, and huge. I couldn’t wait!

Due to technical difficulties, though, the audio track of the video recording of my talk was corrupt, and the TEDx guidelines prohibit re-recording.

They wouldn’t post my video, and I was devastated.

It was a big deal to me to be selected as a TEDx speaker, and writing that talk really helped me figure out my secret sauce—the Money Operating System™—which I’ve since trademarked and started teaching and talking about all across the country.

Then, at the end of last year a friend of mine, who also happens to be a student in one of my online training programs, did an amazing thing. He offered to help me re-record the talk.

Of course, I can’t put it on the TED website, but at least we can have the recording.

With his connections, we got a professional, award-winning cinematographer and he edited the video for me. What an amazing gift!

You can watch my remake of the TEDx talk—internally we called it TEDx Redux— below, or view it at this link and subscribe to my youtube.com channel.

Here’s what I want you to know from the talk:

  1. Our beliefs become the filter through which we see the world.
  2. We believe we can accurately describe our world in language, but we can’t.
  3. The language you use defines your reality.
  4. Beliefs, language and reality are a kind of multiplicity of crossroads that profoundly influence how we filter the world around us.
  5. Language gives rise to our experience, thoughts and actions.
  6. Sometimes the words you use actually create your world.
  7. Language gives rise to your experience of life.
  8. Be really careful about how you language your money world.

Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot the promise I start the talk with:

  1. YOU can be rich.

Watch the talk, and then in the comments below the video on Youtube, let me know what you learned?