EP 147 | Living Life on Purpose with Chris Farrell

Welcome to episode 147 of Profit Boss® Radio! In this episode, I had the opportunity to interview Chris Farrell. Chris is an economics editor with Bloomberg and a senior contributor with NPR Marketplace. He brings a great perspective on purpose and careers regardless of your age.  

According to Farrell, creativity isn’t a skill you lose. If you are creative in your 20s, you can still be creative in your 60s as long as you are given the opportunity. Even though many people retire from the workforce at 55 and older, they oftentimes still feel that they have so much to offer and aren’t ready to hang their hat up completely. It should come as no surprise that many retirees still want to live productive lives – one that is purposeful and meaningful. 

Join us for today’s episode as Chris and I discuss how your second half of life can be just as fulfilling as your first half. Tune in to find out how you can create income and living life on purpose no matter your age.

Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio

  • How retirement benefit packages are designed for older employees
  • How multi-generational teams can be effective
  • What sort of possibilities exist in your second half of life
  • Why it is so important to have a career that engages your skills and purpose
  • Some creative ways to fulfill your purpose without needing to further your education
  • Reasons why self-employment and entrepreneurship is on the rise
  • How social isolation is a dangerous aspect of aging
  • Why age discrimination is wrong and pervasive
  • Examples of ageism in the workplace and how to address them
  • The ways certain industries are benefiting from employing older workers
  • Why diversity and inclusion should include experience
  • BONUS! MoneyWise Segment: 4 Tips for Avoiding a Will or Trust Contest
    • What is a will contest and how you can avoid it
    • Why it is important to make your family aware of your estate plan
    • Why it is important to keep your estate plan up to date
  • How making money later in life can be great for your household balance sheet
  • The importance of thinking, “What is next” for your next season of life
  • What the most valuable asset is of someone that is 55 and older
  • How your network can open opportunities for you
  • Examples of people that have transitioned into new employment opportunities in their second half of life 

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