EP 109 | How to Live Like A Millionaire When You’re a Million Short

EP 109 | Profit Boss® Radio

You can live like a millionaire…even if you are short on cash! When I first saw the title of Marilyn Anderson’s book, How to Live Like A Millionaire When You’re a Million Short, I just knew I had to have her on the show. Her advice could quite possibly save you thousands of dollars. 

Marilyn Anderson is an award-winning television and film writer, author and playwright. She wrote for numerous television shows including Murphy Brown, FAME, Sherman Oaks, and Facts of Life. She won a LUMINAS Award for the Positive Depiction of Women in Film and Television and was honored by the Writers Guild of America as a writer of one of the 101 Best TV Shows of the past seven decades. 

As a writer in LA, Marilyn experienced long stretches of time with little to no income. Despite that, Marilyn was still able to experience live theater, travel the globe, and wear designer labels. Her friends always asked, “How does Marilyn live?” Today, you are going to find out all her top tricks and tools! With a little research and creativity, Marilyn has managed to come up with methods that work. It’s time to take some notes. You’ll want to try out these suggestions as soon as possible! 

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Marilyn decided to divulge her secrets of how to live, even with long stretches of making no money. 
  • How Marilyn sees so many live theater shows. 
  • Learn some of Marilyn’s best travel tips. 
  • Volunteer your time and talents, and see the world. 
  • Women spend so much money on clothing and beauty, so how can we save on those? 
  • Work the consignment websites. 
  • Marilyn’s funniest “Ask.” 
  • Try out a silent auction, and it’s often a great networking opportunity. 
  • Get prescription drugs for less. 
  • Do your research and shop around for procedures and services. 
  • Fun, inexpensive, dating advice! 

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