EP 49 | Profit Boss® Radio | How to Make Money Podcasting with Jessica Kupferman, Host of She Podcasts

Welcome back to Profit Boss® Radio for our final episode of the year! It’s been a wonderful ten months of learning and community-building with you all, and I can’t wait to see how this show and community evolve in 2017.

We’re going out with a bang this year: I’ve got an awesome interview with Jessica Kupferman, host of She Podcasts. Jessica was one of the first female podcasters in the space, so she’s seen how the medium, shows, and hosts have evolved as podcasting has become more popular.

Jessica talks about how she combined a lifelong love of performing with marketing acumen to become an engaging podcast host. Her first show, Lady Business Radio, offered an inside look at the lives of interesting and successful female entrepreneurs. Now she’s the host of She Podcasts, a show and community dedicated to giving female podcasters the resources and advice they need to start and profit from their podcasts.

Jessica also shares some top tips for using a podcast to expand your business, and how podcasting can be a viable side-hustle or full-time job. Don’t miss Jessica’s great advice to close out your year!

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Jessica’s experience as one of the first female podcasters, and what inspired her to get more women involved in the medium.
  • Some of the creative ways that podcasters are making money from their shows, using on-air and off-air strategies alike.
  • How many downloads a week you should have if you want to make money from advertising on your podcast (it’s not as many as you might think).
  • Why podcasting is such an effective medium for communicating information, especially when it feels like you’re too busy to read.
  • Why you should learn from podcasting tycoons, but not simply try to copy them.
  • How deeply-niched podcasts — including Walt Disney fanatics, female blacksmiths, and fishing enthusiasts — are killing it!

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