EP 108 | Celebrating Mother’s Day

EP 108 | Profit Boss® Radio

Welcome to a special Mother’s Day Episode of ProfitBoss Radio! I reached out to some friends who happen to be women, who happen to be business owners, who happen also to be mothers to ask them a few questions about motherhood. I admire each of these ladies more than words can express, and I felt very honored to have the chance to talk about motherhood and money matters. I was absolutely blown away by their responses, and I’ll admit I was a bit choked up throughout these interviews. 

Today’s contributors are Emylee Williams, Courtney Townley, Amber Vilhauer, Jessica Rhodes, Megan Hale and Amber De La Garza. In this episode, you can expect honest answers and amazing advice from working moms who care about their families’ futures. All of these women are alike in that they prioritize time with their kids, and want to include them in experiences that will build a healthy money mindset. 

Here’s to all the Mothers out there who love selflessly and teach fearlessly! 

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • What motherhood means to me, my business, and my worldview. 
  • How we as mothers have the ability to shape our children’s lives and empower them to take ownership of their actions. 
  • Schedule time with your kids! 
  • I haven’t quite figured out how to teach my daughter about money! 
  • Emylee shares how being a small business owner and entrepreneur impacts the legacy she wants to leave for her daughter. 
  • Why Emylee didn’t fit inside the typical Working Mom box. 
  • Strong women create strong women. 
  • Courtney shares how taking care of women through her business and taking care of her son go hand in hand. 
  • Why Courtney dances with her son every day. 
  • Amber is learning so much about the world and about her business because of the sacrifices she made for her son. 
  • Amber wants her son to know she is present. 
  • Jessica attributes work-life balance to being more present with her children. 
  • All the moms agree that keeping their children in the loop with finances is extra important! 
  • Amber invited her son to answer my questions too! 
  • Involve your kids in your business. 

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