EP 122 | Listener Stories: Leslie 2.0 Overcoming Financial Crisis

EP 122 | Profit Boss® Radio

Profit Boss® Radio listener stories are some of the most inspiring and, yet, pragmatic financial experiences I am privileged to cover on the show.

Today’s Listener Series episode features Leslie Woods. Her story demonstrates the incredible power anyone can wield if you’re ready and willing to roll up your sleeves and say, “YES!” to prosperity. Leslie is a graduate from our $50K Wealth Multiplier Mastermind Program and details her incredible transformation from surviving in a vicious cycle of financial crisis to living in a state of financial abundance. 

Tune in to this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio to hear Leslie’s inspiring story, and learn about the financial behaviors and money mindset that can lead to financial success.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode

  • What it means to overcome self-limiting beliefs about money
  • How easy it is to invite financial crisis into your life
  • The circumstances leading up to Leslie realizing she had a choice of what her life could be for her and her three children
  • How starting life after divorce with over $300,000 in debt can be managed and overcome
  • The control shame can have on your financial journey but how to turn shame into gratitude 
  • The biggest lessons Leslie learned from her experience
  • How Leslie got out of debt, took control of her finances, and exploded her annual income to nearly $1 million
  • Financial disciplines Leslie lives by today that all Profit Boss® Radio listeners can also use

Brief Summary of Leslie’s Story

Leslie’s story is not so dissimilar to anyone who has gone through a divorce or experienced crippling debt. Leslie stopped working as a pharmaceutical sales representative after her and her husband decided to have children. Especially after she had a child with special medical needs, they both agreed that her being home was the best decision for their family. 

But when Leslie’s marriage started to go south, she didn’t feel powerful in her situation because she wasn’t earning an income and also wasn’t involved in the household finances. She made the decision to get her real estate license and started a new career in 2009 as a realtor in Silicon Valley, CA. Even though her husband fully supported her decision, the marriage still came to an end, and they parted ways.

When Leslie and her husband divorced, they had a combined debt of about $600,000 that they split evenly in the divorce settlement.  Leslie started her next chapter nearly $300,000 in debt with three kids to support and no place to call home. For nearly five years, Leslie accepted the help and support of family and friends to get her back on her feet. 

During this time of rebuilding her life, Leslie was overcome with feelings of shame and guilt for her financial situation and the impact it had on her children. Yet, Leslie found strength and courage through her children, supportive friends and family, and professional colleagues to forge ahead and figure it out. Leslie vigorously paid down her debt, at times to the detriment of her monthly income and ability to cover basic living expenses.

Then, Leslie learned of the $50K Wealth Multiplier Mastermind after hearing Hilary speak to her office about finances. Leslie decided to invest in herself, and through the program she realized she had some emotional work to do about her finances before she could even fully tackle the practical side of managing her money. Through the $50K Wealth Multiplier Mastermind, Leslie had an awakening to what was ultimately holding her back from reaching financial abundance.

She realized that crisis was what motivated her to make money.

It was this very specific realization that she enabled a cycle of financial crisis – being in a dire financial situation only to dig her way out of it – that prevented her from living in financial abundance.

The rest of Leslie’s transformation and how she took her sobering self-awareness and made intentional changes in her life with money is truly remarkable. You won’t want to miss hearing how it all turned out for Leslie.

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