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Hilary is looking forward to being a fantastic guest on your show!

Hilary Hendershott, MBA, CFP® is a mother, financial powerhouse, and everyday superhero. With more than 21 years of experience helping women and couples preserve and grow their wealth while eliminating financial stress once and for all, Hilary can teach your listeners the link between a healthy relationship with money and a healthy life.

Possible interview topics include:

Hilary’s powerful 7 Steps to Wealth framework. In her actionable and direct style, Hilary will share the exact steps she herself used to pull herself out of $600,000 of debt and build not only a 7-figure business but a multiple 7-figure net worth. They’re the same steps she uses with her wealth coaching program clients, who have grown their net worth by more than $2,000,000 in two years!

The Money Blueprint® for Business Owners! Your listeners would love to not only bring more money in to their business, but also turn that business revenue into profit and personal wealth. Hilary will share the secret to making your business a wealth machine – and how to understand your own mindset and numbers well enough to turn the dials!

Featured Topics and Questions

Hilary Hendershott

Money Mindset:
The Money Operating System®

The technology Hilary developed to describe the impact of our “money mind” – our neuropsychology – on our finances and wealth.

  • What is the Money Operating System® and how does it get formed?
  • How have you seen the Money Operating System® impact business owner’s financial livelihoods?
  • What’s the correlation between a person’s Money Operating System®, how they talk about money, and the financial results they produce?
  • How can we get free of the constraints of this mental coding? Is it possible?
  • What do baby elephants have to do with your money mindset?
7 steps weatlh guide

Tools & Habits That Create Financial Success: 7 Steps to Wealth

Hilary’s custom framework for financial success. All financial mistakes can be explained by failure to have one of these practices in place.

  • Where did the 7 Steps to Wealth come from?
  • What are the 7 Steps to Wealth?
  • Which step is the hardest one to take with the 7 Steps to Wealth?
  • Can you do the 7 Steps to Wealth on your own?
  • What’s the #1 reason why someone fails to follow the 7 Steps to Wealth?
hilary speak

Financial Coaching for Business Owners:
The Money Blueprint®

This is the 12-month transformational money coaching program Hilary and her team offer to business owners.

  • What’s the high heels story?
  • Why did you create The Money Blueprint® Program?
  • Who is The Money Blueprint® for?
  • Why is it that group money coaching is far more effective than 1:1 coaching?
  • What’s the goal of The Money Blueprint®?

Female Entrepreneurs & Wealth

  • Tell us about your work with female entrepreneurs. How have those experiences shown you the common pitfalls we uniquely fall into and how to recover from them?
  • What is the No Challenge?
  • Being a business owner plus succeeding in our other roles in life seems daunting.
  • Tell us about your CEO Calendar design and how to “do all the things” while remaining calm and satisfied.

Women & Wealth

  • Why are so many women afraid to invest?
  • How is the female mind better aligned with a natural advantage for investing?
  • What are some of the best steps women with wealth can take to have full control of their financial freedom?
  • What are the greatest unique financial opportunities for women with wealth now?

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