EP 28 | Profit Boss® Radio | How the Presidential Election Will Affect Your Money

If you’re wondering how the 2016 Presidential Election will affect your money, this episode of Profit Boss® Radio is for you! In it, I tackle this issue that should be top-of-mind for you.

Of course you need to know how the presidential election will affect your money, the economy and thus your wealth building efforts.

The truth is, so much of what you read about money, investing, and the economy is actually very misleading. Is it Democrats or Republicans who are better for the market? How much influence does the President really have? And, in this episode, as you’ve come to expect from Profit Boss® Radio, we dive deep and explore the data and the facts, which may surprise you!

Check out this episode today to gain insight into what makes sense and what doesn’t. Is it a Clinton or Trump Presidency that will get you closer to financial freedom?? Download this episode of Profit Boss® Radio today to find out!

Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How the President and government actually do impact the stock market.
  • How election data trends can be manipulated to deceive you.
  • How to “follow the money” and understand the source of bad data.
  • The surprising truth about whether the SuperBowl can be used to predict market trends.

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